Starpower*™ VIP Days

Exclusive Starpower* VIP Day With Deborah Skye

Who is a VIP for?

IF you are…wanting a powerful day to mastermind and  lay out a finely detailed  blueprint for your business and need the support?

If you are… feeling stuck in your business or personal relationships and don’t know how to move forward.

If you are….wanting to take a quantum leap in your life and just don’t know how to do it?

If you are… not receiving the support you desire to take your ideas and life to the next level?

If you are…having money blocks that are undermining your performance and your ability to bring in new clients along with getting paid what you are worth,  then you will want a total overhaul. We will pinpoint where the mind/energy blocks are and how to eradicate them so you may move forward by accepting your greater worth to the world.

If you are…transitioning in life and need a step by step Spiritually guided road map to figure it all out...

If you desire to look at how your Spirit wants you to live in accordance to your highest values and beliefs then a VIP day is for you.

We’ll spend a whole day in-person masterminding ways to create and or fine tune your business model,  create goals based on the true purpose of your business, recognize who your target market is and how to magnetically draw them into your sales funnel, build a new brand  based on your purpose and align it to your personal vision and  into your business system.

You will be provided with a paint-by-numbers marketing system:

1. How to manage your daily schedule and implement marketing skills that are laser focused.

2. Understand clearly who it is you serve and how to be a maven in your market.

3. Create an outline for a product that will be created by what you already have, even if it is only an idea.

4. How to position yourself in your business as a top expert in your field and gain media attention.

5. create an action plan using New Media to bring your message to the world.

6. Full Branding of your business and/or products and services.

7. Web Design layout and setup within 10 days of initial VIP day.

8. Media Campaign for your business to be implemented within 30 days of VIP day.

9. 2- Starpower* System Sessions included in your VIP day.

10. Full digital recording of all aspects of business outline or spiritual insights to organize, get clear and get direction to set up and run a successful business, practice or media campaign and life.

When you are  fully aware and aligned with your life purpose it will be that much easier to realize the potential that lays within you and how to deliver it to the world in an effortless way. I will share with you  my own private secrets that have created huge successes for my business that only a select few get to hear about when at VIP days.

You will receive personally designed affirmations and insightful meditations made just for you, that will totally transform the way you relate to yourself, your life and the world around you!

To apply for this exclusive program place your information in the contact form below and we will get back to you within 48 hours. All expenses will be paid on your part for airline tickets, hotel accommodations and transportation upon arrival for either destination, to Toronto or to fly Deborah Skye out to your home location.
Please provide city and country location.

To RSVP Your Next VIP Day Fee’s, Dates & Availabilities call into the Head Office & fill out the contact form below.

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