WholeLife Transformation™

StarPower* WholeLife Transformation™

Step into a 12 month StarPower* WholeLife Transformation™ where you get to celebrate and embrace the totality and fullness of who you are, in essence, your Divinity. The WholeLife Transformation is a merging of your physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and Soul’s calling to bring to yourself and to the world, your greatness through a gentle process of manifesting your dreams.

Personally embracing an intimate relationship with yourself that will enable you to know yourself at the deepest core while harnessing the power of your Spiritual Life.

Professionally engage your unique talents by creating a foundational blueprint that will shine your gifts to the world. Wanting to write that book and publish it ? Desire to have your own talk-radio show? How about taking your clients to exotic locations and teaching at Sacred Sites? Would you enjoy hosting weekend getaways or have yearly retreats? How about radically shifting your physical body weight and appearance by a WholeLife Body Make-Over doing it the natural way? Whatever it is that you ‘dream’ of doing, this year bring the Starpower* WholeLife Transformation™ Program into your life and it will give you the road map to successfully creating those dreams.

If you are seeking a StarPower* Soul Coach to support and guide you through 12 months of a WholeLife Transformation™ giving you a system that will  empower you and offer you the space to expand at your own pace with the help and direction of pure focus in completing all tasks, then the StarPower* WholeLife Transformation™  is perfect for you. You will receive monthly StarPower* Soul Coaching Calls, Accountability Sessions, Organizational Blueprint Sheets and a Physical Medical Intuitive Checkup to put things back into order to have the physical stamina and endurance to manifest your hearts desires.

You will receive a  StarPower* WholeLife Transformation™ Coaching Program that is tailored made just for you. While transforming your dreams into reality you will recognize that your energy levels are becoming more present, that your mental clarity is allowing you to keep focus and complete tasks and that your physical endurance has shifted to enable you to do things you have only dreamed of doing. The 12 Month StarPower* WholeLife Transformation™ is a series of perfectly produced templates that are designed to manifest a life of fulfillment and encourage you to live passionately, courageously and on purpose.

The StarPower* WholeLife Transformation™  Coaching Program is a 52 week program giving you the platform to transform your life and create your future legacy.

The StarPower* WLT Coaching Program is only open and available to 7 Dedicated Women for 2011.

A 30 minute consultation is given prior to signing up matching the energies to support you throughout the 52 weeks of your Transformation.

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