StarPower* Certification™

Starpower* Soul Coach Certification™

It’s Time To Step Into Your Mastery & Become A Certified Starpower* System Soul Coach™

There comes a time in one’s life when the reality that personal and professional desires and goals are not being met, a larger magnetic pull is asking you to climb higher, stretch your belief and get uncomfortable so you can create a magnificent life.

To be in service to humanity is a calling most women know, we can feel it in the core of our very being. Without compromise you search and seek out the best solutions to your growing hunger to be fulfilled, not knowing what that may look like, but when you find it you just ‘know.’ A place of feeling at home within oneself.

I understand this passionate hunger as most of my entire life has been directed and pulled by this insatiable desire to seek out the vast corners of the Universe, understand the unique template of how the human mind is triggered or set forth by emotional and mental conditioning based upon Spiritual lessons and growth. It has been a deep fascination of mine to research for over 20 years,  into the very blueprint of what makes a human-human and why throughout time and passages still unknown to most, does the search always return to the Soul?

I have been blessed to have the foresight, freedom and insatiable hunger to go the distance to find the truth, each day there are new insights and understandings, lessons uncovered and new ones to explore. Since the age of 11 I have sought out the mysteries of the world, uncovering the connection between our Spiritual Self, our physical bodies, it’s internal organs and rhythms and how the very DNA  the genetic blueprint works side by side with a larger more complex yet uniquely divined to create this magnificent expression and experience called the human being.

There are 5 key elements that will be explored throughout the training modules in the 6 month Certification Program for becoming a Certified StarPower* Soul Coach™. Each module goes deep into the human psychology, organism, benevolent relationship to the cosmos and how the personal characteristics show up in each persons expression. You will become immersed in understanding the key focal points in the body that actually maintain the Divine Connection to your StarPower*  where it is located and how it corresponds to the chakras, organs and the emotional body.

The 5 Main Elements and Core Beliefs that the emotional body resonates with: Earth, Air, Water, Fire, Ether I have added in the next two correspond to the direct relationship of the Earth’s Core Body, Wood and Metal.

Modules 1-8 Modules will be covered live via webinar/tele-seminar style with all modules archived and send to the students. You will receive StarPower* Soul Coach Sessions with Deborah Skye throughout the Certificate Program.

1. Your Energy Centers:  Recognizing One’s Truth & Open Communication

2. Earth’s Elements & The New Earth Frequencies:  Organic Relationships

3. Core Authentic Relationships:  Spiritual Relationships – Male & Female Balance

4. Neural Pathways & Understanding The Mind: Via Major Spiritual Glands

5. Earth Passages & The Stages Of Life Through Our Energy Centers

6. Healing Trauma & Past Lives With StarPower* Soul Coach

7. Ancestral Healing For Soul Therapy & StarPower* Alignments™

8. Manifesting Your Ideal Relationship In The World: Engagement Technologies

You will be asked to complete an application form prior to a consultation.

Please email for the application and your interest.

Certification Program Online: it does not matter where you are on the planet, you will receive archived recordings of all course material, participate live and receive all your documentation online via your email. You will be receiving individual StarPower* Soul Coach Sessions™ with Deborah Skye throughout the course.

If you are accepted into the program you will be contacted and have an interview with Deborah Skye.

We look forward to sharing this timely information by providing you the highest quality of mentorship, training and be offered to join webinars on Soul Therapy School®.

Please send your name and phone number so we can contact you about your desire to work with Deborah Skye in the StarPower* Soul Coach Certification Program.

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