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Ready To Transform Your Life, Your Business & Your Relationship To Self?

7 Week Online StarPower* System™ For Female Entrepreneurs

It’s Time To Get Support & Make The Shift To Uncovering Your Brilliance & Embrace – Earn What You Are Worth With StarPower* System

“Our program is first come, first served priority for women who are serious about health, inner wealth, freedom and success in life!”

You will experience a transformation in every corner of your life, Professionally, Personally, Intimately, Spiritually and Emotionally.

The results you will receive in 7 weeks will literally change your life! What Is Included In The 7 Week Online Program: A las er focused paint-by-numbers blueprint of where you presently are to where your StarPower*™  is.
* 7- 60 minute recorded and archived in-depth interactive calls based on the 7 Pillars of the StarPower* System.
* You will claim a certainty of how to implement business strategies that will accelerate your online business. (even if you do not have one at present, you just might at the end of this course)

* Complete understanding of Maven Attraction Marketing. How to create a client profile based on your terms, discovering what are your fees, hours of operation, local or global, ezine set-up and referral system. Full Marketing plan uniquely created just for you!
* Constructing a company plan for the next 3-5 years and understand the growth that can take place when mapped out. Where your business is now, where it can be, and how to get there. Strategies of direct action are the only method of creating results. You will receive the SUPPORT you need to gather the momentum to build that direct action in your life and in your business.
* How to create and maintain an email based readership-membership that are perfect prospects for your products and services. We will also outline which services you can add to your list that you most likely do not know you already have AND new products that are just waiting to be born inside of you! Super excited about this one!
* Niche marketing, what is it really and how do you create your specific niche.
* Social Media tools and how branding yourself and your business can generate qualified opt-ins to your business.
* Marketing methods, online and offline, the buzz about New Media.
* Website/Blog presence, if you don’t have one, you will within the 7 weeks. We will go over the difference and which one is more effective for your business and service. If you have one, you will receive a 30 minute make-over of your site, if you choose to.
*Networking online and offline, what works, what doesn’t.
*THE BEST PART: you will know exactly what to do with your business or idea and be global with your business within the 7 weeks!!!
* StarPower* System will be covered in detail on each module and each person will receive ongoing support and mentoring in the 7 weeks.
*All calls are recorded and archived for you. Weekly homework and accountability sessions each week.
What happens during a StarPower* 7 Week Program is that you delve deeper into your experience in life, in your relationships, your career, your personal self respect and honoring of you,  and most of all self-love.
“You Get To Experience “YOU” In A Fresh
And Unique Way.”

For a Limited Time Skye Is Opening Up StarPower* System To The Public!

Usually They Are RSVP For My VIP’s Who Have Previously Had A StarPower* Coaching Sessions: You will Discover more of your potential and be supported by a group of Female Entrepreneurs!  7 Week Program 

“I found StarPower* Coaching while I was searching for the right direction to go in my business.  I was struggling with marketing and had tried so many different things that were not working.  I had spent tons of money and was starting to lose hope, I wanted to give up.  I had done business coaching before, but I was not able to find someone that could give me specific things to change in my particular business.  I then called StarPower* Coaching and Skye was like no other person I had talked to. She helped me see things that I was missing in my business, and she was able to give me detailed instructions on the steps I needed to take to market my business (not just any business).  Best of all I had clarity and knew that I was going in the right direction!

Since I have found Star Power Coaching I have consulted Skye on many aspects of my life and I am always blown away by her knowledge and insight!”

Thank You For All That You Do!

Elena Forbes

Deborah Skye has been Empowering Female Entrepreneurs in Relationships, Finances, Career Direction, Soul Purpose, Emotional Balance (yup!) and most of all, the Relationship you have with Your Self!

Most Women are unaware of their own personal and professional boundaries and this is one topic that we go into in detail. Defining and outlining what ARE your boundaries, what defines you? For most, this will be the first time that you will begin to understand the depth of how you relate to the world, and WHY. 100% of all clients that Deborah Skye has Coached with StarPower*™  have received powerful and effective defined goals that have created instant results. Wow! That is why Deborah Skye is now opening it up to the public with this new and incredibly Life Transforming 7 Week Online StarPower* Systemhere is a clear look at what the StarPower* System.

Taking a deeper look into why you are not creating what you want to manifest/create in your life. Professionally, emotionally,intellectually, physically and spirituality.

* Setting up a three step course of action that can create lasting and beneficial change once implemented and consistently acted upon. Thers is a follow up to continue the work once the session is completed and a take home CD.

* Realizing what is holding you back from your greatness. Recognizing where the block are and showing you a step by step your blueprint to heal.*Very powerful process.

* Providing you with a technique that can stop anxiety, depression, high stress and worry.

* Finances: You feel you don’t have enough, paying off debt, scrambling to get more to pay bills,
don’t have extra $ for vacationing for the kids or yourself?

* Emotionally: Not honoring or loving yourself, emotionally unavailable, insecure, self-worth issues,regrets, shame, hurt and an inability to show love openly to your children,family and/or friends

* Intellectually: Worried, stressed, feeling depressed or have anxiety

* Physically:
drained or lack energy, not feeling motivated, indigestion problems, overweight or suffering from any physical ailment or disease (the physical is a manifestation of emotional blocks & issues; we get to the core of why you are suffering)

* Spirituality: Feeling disconnected from your Source, distant & not grounded, covering up old wounds, disassociated and lack of ability to listen to your intuition.

StarPower* Coaching Testimonial:

Suffering from spells of depression for most of my adult life, I was clearly spiraling out of control and did not know what to do. That was until I had stumbled across StarPower*™ Coaching on Deborah Skye’s  web page. It was like the entire outline of the program was designed for every aspect in my life that I was struggling with. I was truly at the end of my rope. So I decided to just go for it! StarPower*™ Coaching awakened energies in my Soul that caused an instantaneous shift of my entire being! I was finally able to put my ego aside and allow my higher self to become the captain of my ship.The  greatest benefit has to be it’s ability to make you realize that your dreams can truly become a reality. You discover what is holding you back and receive a plan for the support that you need to see it through! StarPower*™ Coaching reaches deep down to the core issues of the Soul which we all have such a hard time either discovering or sometimes admitting that they are part of who we are.

I highly recommend StarPower*™ Coaching as it will give you the necessary tools and knowledge to unleash the giant within you that we all desire!”

With Much Love Honor and Respect,


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