StarPower* System™ Q & A Tele-Seminar

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Title: StarPower* System™ Introduction
Location: Internet – Tele-seminar Monday October 4th
Link out: Click here
Description: StarPower*  System™ is an exploration into our Divine and True Self. There is one particular signature that is your own, I call this StarPower*™ because it is Ancient and Timeless.
Tonight you will learn how your live, relationships and career are driven by this internal StarPower*™.
Please leave your questions in the box provided on the link to the Tele-Series.

See you then!
Deborah Skye
Start Time: 6:00 PM Eastern
Date: 2010-10-04

End Time: 6:30 PM Eastern

StarPower* System Tele-Series

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