Spiritually Engage Yourself By Speaking Your Truth

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Your Energy Field Will Come Alive When Openly Communicating
What happens when you open up your throat chakra and begin to speak your truth to your family, friends and clients? You begin a new relationship that was siphoned off during childhood, through the inertia of lack of effective and honest communication. Most people don’t realize that they do not communicate effectively nor do they intentionally recognize that it is hurting their personal and professional relationships. Here are some key steps to put into action on a daily basis to retrain the throat chakra, heart and solar plexus, the place of power and inner trust to align to your purpose of spiritual engagement through communication.

1. Breath deeply from the heart. Many people by the age of 6 begin breathing from their stomach area and think this is normal, it is not, you breath from within your heart-lung area, diaphragm breathing. When you focus on your heart and expand and contract your breath from this center point, everything begins to quiet down, you relax, find inner peace and it quiets the mind. A perfect example of how we can use the body to enhance overall well being.What begins to happen is that you are more clearly able to ‘listen’ within and feel present, grounded and accept yourself in the physical. Too often people are so caught up in their mind chatter or worries that they are not present to the moment. This breathing will allow for that to take place.

2. Take 10-15 minutes daily to go inside and quite your self. Meditation is the key to enlightenment, it allows you to listen to what you are consistently asking the Universe. People say, “I pray all the time and do affirmations but I don’t get any results?” My question to you is, are you meditating? Are you quieting your mind enough to site and receive the information that you are asking about? Most would say no. It’s the same as the Universe giving you exactly what is needed on your Spiritual journey for you to grow and learn more about your core lessons, but because it does not come in the package you expected it to be in, you don’t see the incredible worth of what is being provided. This happens daily in most peoples lives. You will come to understand that the more you meditate and place this into your practice, the easier it is to speak your truth and not to participate in someone else’s drama or experience, your ‘inner core’ will get stronger and this leads to better discernment. This helps us to understand the third and last principle that will lead to more clarity and guidance, for speaking your truth.

3. Get out of you own way!!! The #1 thing I see that stops a person from excelling in anything in life is the inability to just step to the side! Here is an example, you keep on looking for ways to change, bring in more income, have better relationships but you are continuing the cycle of just doing and searching, you never really hit the core ailment or issue that is bringing you all of these experiences. If you stopped chasing and repeating the cycles that end up providing you an excuse and disempower you, you will come to understand that everything is in perfection and when we block the way to your personal attainment you butt heads with your own Spiritual Insight & Truth.

“You already have everything you need inside yourself, the emotions and experiences that you seek outside of yourself: love, respect, trust, acceptance, honesty, these are the exact qualities that you need to own within yourself.”

You have chosen a particular challenge or challenges to overcome in this life, when you realize that your greatest obstacles are really your greatest gifts, that is when you surrender and begin to receive the gifts that only you can provide for yourself.  There is this great saying “your mess is your message,” when we get out of our own way, which really means, “giving up control” you give yourself permission to experience the beauty of life and the profound and magnificent beauty of you.

Here’s a tip: speaking your truth is about trusting and honoring oneself, when you breath consciously and listen to your inner voice, here is the outcome: your friends and family will do the same as they are a reflection for yourself. This is one of our greatest gifts, the ability to shine and reflect back to ourself at any given moment a mirror reflection through people, places and direct experiences through our emotions and thoughts. When we are not in service to our own truth, we are surely not honoring others inherent ability to own and honor themselves either.  More on this in another post…

If you are thinking, “If I breath from the heart and meditate 10-15 minutes a day, I can get out of my way, find peace of mind and speak my truth?” Yes, that is exactly what I am saying, with patience, love and trust anyone can overcome personal blocks. There will always be challenges in life, that’s part of the ride, when you approach your challenges by Spiritually Engaging Yourself in speaking your truth to yourself first and foremost, then the whole world changes in a fraction of a second! I call it, “Personally Honoring Oneself.” It is at the core of my teachings and the foundation of StarPower* Coaching.

Blessings to you!

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