Starpower Soul Coach System: A New Career Approach

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StarPower* Soul Coach System For Female Entrepreneurs | New Online Training Course Application Link Below I have to share with you my excitement with the StarPower* System as it is showing women their own unique experience in who they ‘think & believe they are!’ Personally, I love working with such a dynamic group of women […]

StarPower* System™ For Relationships

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Title: StarPower* System™ For Relationships Location: Internet – Tele-Series Link out: Click here Description: StarPower* System™ Tele-Seminar  For Relationships StarPower* System™ teaches you the paint by numbers approach to healing in the present. Relationships form the very basis of our existence, our receptivity to love and how we approach the world around us, in safety […]

StarPower* System™ Q & A Tele-Seminar

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Title: StarPower* System™ Introduction Location: Internet – Tele-seminar Monday October 4th Link out: Click here Description: StarPower*  System™ is an exploration into our Divine and True Self. There is one particular signature that is your own, I call this StarPower*™ because it is Ancient and Timeless. Tonight you will learn how your live, relationships and […]

Spiritually Engage Yourself By Speaking Your Truth

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Your Energy Field Will Come Alive When Openly Communicating What happens when you open up your throat chakra and begin to speak your truth to your family, friends and clients? You begin a new relationship that was siphoned off during childhood, through the inertia of lack of effective and honest communication. Most people don’t realize […] Protection Status